How to successfully expand into new markets?

Increase your Sales, choose Inbound Marketing!
Target: innovative B2B companies

Do you want to expand internationally or strengthen your presence abroad? The good news is that it has become increasingly easier to unlock business opportunities across the world with a tailored online marketing approach.

What you need is to attract inbound traffic that you can convert into clients over time. The visitors you have attracted will become leads and ultimately clients. For that, you need to have the right tools and the right content at the right time.

The B2B marketplace is changing with a bigger and bigger audience working online. In 2015, 89% of decision-makers used the internet during their research process. This is why today, all services and/or products have to be online and acknowledged within our business sector in order to generate the right traffic and gather our visitors’ contact information.

Once you’ve attracted visitors, you will convert them into leads if you are able to offer them interesting and valuable information in the form of content (emails, newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers etc).

Dealing with qualified prospects

A systematic approach

  • Presence in online research results on specific issues in your area of expertise
  • Creation of targeted content that provides an answer to your prospects’ questions or needs
  • Lead nurturing with an Email campaign, Calls-to-Action and Landing Pages in line with your sales funnel
  • Monitoring the various leads’ actions
  • Measuring the performance (conversion rate)
  • Analytics

Our offer

  • We provide ongoing assistance on the whole process and define with you a roadmap detailing the scenarios and actions
  • We produce contents in French and in English based on the information provided
  • We deal with the implementation and configuration of the automation tools
  • We ensure weekly reporting (key indicators) and analytics

An operational and scalable offer

You hesitate to embark on this long-term project, not knowing what the results will be?  

We have an iterative approach for better flexibility and adaptability (weekly reporting). We can start the project with 3 or 4 actions then stop for a while before assessing the results. It is then up to you to decide whether you want to pursue or not.

For more information, let’s plan a phone/skype discussion on your goals and our interactions.

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