Your Trade Show Follow-up :

easy, efficient and measurable

    Do you follow-up on your events ?
  • Are your prospects loyal ?
  • Can you measure your R.O.I ?

If you wonder how, we've got you covered.

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Turn your contacts into qualified leads then into satisfied customers

81% of revenues generated by companies exhibiting at trade shows is carried out after the event thanks to follow-up with leads.

You know you need several months to sign a contract with a lead acquired during a trade show. There is always a lot of catch up to do after a trade show and the follow-up activities can be overwhelming.
Often, you find that contact data are not entered into your database due to lack of time.
This result in missed opportunities. Who is competent enough to write emails to potential partners situated in the far east ?
How do you calculate the R.O.I generated by your participation in a trade show ?

The Smartt Salon experience in 4 steps

  1. synchronize your contact in real timel

    Say good bye to data entry back from the show.

    Inside the booth, use a smartphone app to take a picture of your visitor's business card. We set up a real time automated connection to your contact list and your CRM with the transmitted data.

  2. post trade show automated

    Automatically monitor hundreds of contacts

    We analyze the profile of your prospects gathered at the exhibition based on industry and their cultural preference. We create one or more sequences of messages tailored to these different profiles.

  3. content writing in french and english

    Set the right tone in your emails.

    Save time on writing emails. We write email content in French and English tailored to the profile of your leads.

  4. weekly report on KPI

    Control your process from week to week.

    We set up the requisite accounts. We extract data and key indicators from the automated email sequence.
    You receive weekly report with the relevant figures and the next advisable actions.

Specifically, how does it work?

Let's imagine… chatting with a visitor to your booth. Simply take a picture of his business card with your smartphone and without anything else to do, your contact list and your CRM is updated.
Attach a note and tag to the contact.
The scheduled email sequence based on his profile is ready to be sent. You will follow the actions taken by your lead based on the content and call to action that you send.
This will allow you to qualify your lead.
Once you know he is ready to take action, he can make an appointment through a personnalized link. All that your sales team has to do is take the call or meet in person.
At last, you've got a reliable way to follow the changes in the profitability of your participation in a trade show.

Adopt Smartt Salon and:

  • Don't fall behind on data entry after a trade show.
    Automate your process.
  • Delight your sales team
  • Only spend time on your most valuable leads
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Céline Chauvet,
fondatrice de PAZAP.FR

« Avoir eu Aleth dans notre équipe a fait la différence. Sa vision globale du projet et de ses enjeux commerciaux nous a permis de développer l'application PAZAP telle qu'elle correspondait à ma vision. Sa capacité à expliquer les choix techniques dans un langage accessible m'a permis de me consacrer plus sereinement aux autres aspect du projet.»