Follow Up Strategy Session

Are you effectively following up after each trade show you attend?

How many trade shows, conferences, and fairs, your organization will attend these next 12 months?
How much time have you spent on following up with all the contacts you made in the previous fairs already?
Or maybe you put in place a bare minimum but feel that a lot more could be done to qualify more leads and close more deals?

But with the constant travel and preparing for the next show, you’re running short of time to properly set up a follow-up strategy.
It may be several weeks before your contacts and prospects hear from you after the fair.
Unfortunately, they forgot you or they have already begun a relationship with your competitors.
As a result, you lose clients to your competition who is more proactive.

Are you sure your sales rep calls are truly effective?

Sometimes calls are ineffective because the contact you’re calling is simply not interested in your solution. Maybe she just had a nice chat with the rep at your booth about an unrelated subject and had her badge scanned. Calling these unqualified contacts is just a waste of time.

How do you make sure to calculate an accurate R.O.I?

Are you communicating all the needed information when importing contacts into your client management system?
A trade show participation is a hefty investment. You better make sure you can track the results.
If you can’t link a client’s sale with the relevant show, you will not be able to know the real R.O.I of each participation

Automate your processes to close more deals

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to streamline all these different operations and have a strong workflow to automate your follow-up?
Feed your workflow with contact info and some context and it can start —for example— an email sequence based on different behaviors. The result is all your qualified leads nicely filtered and ready to be passed on to your sales team.
The beauty of automation is it’s an autopilot solution. Once it’s correctly set up and tested it will run smoothly every time you attend a tradeshow.

Sounds good?

Sure you could read blog posts, attend webinars, sign up for trials on different services and set up and validate proof scenarios.
But you’re busy, you’ve got no time to research a good solution for your organization to tackle all these problems.
How convenient would it be for you to have an expert who you can ask all the nagging questions you have and who will come up with the methods and services best suited to your company?

How does this work?

I know you’re very busy, so I will make it easy for you to apply and get results as soon as possible.

  • Send me your contact info through the form below and I will respond back with questions about your business and what are your biggest struggles.
  • I will research the best solution for your team based on your infos.
  • We will schedule a one-hour conference call. Together we will step through my findings and discuss every road bump in your follow up process. No consulting jargon . At the end of the call, you will have a clear roadmap of what your next actions are.
  • After the workshop, you’ll receive an actionable report summing up everything we discussed with specific guidelines to follow and listing the best methods/process and tools for you to reach your goal.

Ready for the call?

The cost for the one-hour Follow-Up Strategy Session, with its actionable plan, is 300€.
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