Each time your team returns from a fair, it’s the same struggle to process the collected contacts in a timely manner.

If you rented a badge scanner, you must wait for the contacts file to be sent by the organiser.

You may have brought back a stack of business cards that must be handled.

You have to enlist an assistant for one or more days to check and compile your lead forms and may be key in by hand these forms in a spreadsheet—if you’re still using paper.

What a frustrating and boring task for your team!

Meanwhile, your sales rep have not yet begun to call back the best qualified contacts.

You are at risk to loose opportunities and not meet your goals.

Besides, you may not always know where your sales team stands regarding the follow-up of leads.

What if your team could be immediately operational after a trade show?

Your sales rep would have the right information immediately and would start their follow-up without wasting time.

What if you could eradicate paper from your follow-up operations?

Imagine that all your operations be digitalized, that you could share the contacts easily.

Use digital tools for your follow-up

Convert your paper forms to a personnalized mobile application meeting your needs.

Capture your contacts directly from a smartphone or an iPad.

Retrieve qualified data.

We enhance your contact data with meta data (date, trade-show, D-U-N-S) and remove duplicate.

Your contacts are automaticaly synchronised with your CRM or available in an Excel file.

You can create alerts to stay on top of your call back schedule.

We set up an automated personnalised email sequence to stay in touch with leads who have a more long-term project.

  • Easy and fast

    Collect and qualify the contacts on your booth directly from a smartphone
  • Save several working days

    Eliminate manual data entry and copy-paste.

Practically, how will we tackle this?

  1. We set up a workshop
    so you can explain your context, your processes, the obstacles
  2. We present our recommandations
    We find the best solutions which fit your organisation
  3. We set up the selected solutions
    We test and hold a workshop for discovery and training of your team
  4. We assess
    in the 3 upcomming months the proper adaptation to your operations

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