The necessary steps to customer acquisition and conversion

In-depth customer acquisition framework study

infographic to visualize customer acquisition
Infographic by Anna Iurchenko from Stanfy.

This is very detailed article focused on Saas customer acquisition funnel.
It is important to have a clear view of your customer journey from awareness to closing a deal. Myk Pono walk us through 3 steps

  1. Customer Acquisition Framework
  2. Optimizing For Customer Acquisition
  3. Content Strategy

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Online stores survive on traffic increase, how do we get there?

This post focuses on 5 broad steps which you should monitor to make sure you’re not leaking any potential customer.

  1. Have a hard look at your sales funnel and shorten it as much as you can. Like, don’t ask right away for a registration, it’ll make people fly away
  2. Find out if there are unnecessary steps in your funnel. Go as far as you can to simplify the steps needed to purchase a product in your store
  3. Your value proposition should differentiate your products from your competitors
  4. Trust is important when it comes to online sales. Does your store provide enough proof that you can be trusted?
  5. Be generous with product information. The more info one can get from your product, the more likely one is to buy.

How to Get More Sales from Your Existing Traffic

The unknown power of thank you pages

The thank you page which appears when someone submits any form on a web page is vastly ignored as a powerful tool to 1) retaining your converted visitors and 2) actually increasing conversion rates.
The post gives you also 7 different ways to use your thank you pages to gain more customers:

  1. Validate the lead
  2. Increase shareability and distribution
  3. Increase trust and the personal connection
  4. Help people take the next step in your funnel
  5. Promote your blog
  6. Advertise a specific promotion
  7. Research (so optimizing gets waaay easier)

increase conversion rates (and even retention) with thank you pages

The “startup minute”

With a podcast that I appreciate a lot: UI breakfast run by Jane Portman.
This one features Amy Hoy’s take on designing products, specifically Saas product. If you’re in the business of Saas you should definitively listen to it.
Designing Products with Amy Hoy